Digestive Freedom PLUS Review

A powerful choice of supplement for those in need of digestive health boosts, Patriot Health Alliance’s Digestive Freedom PLUS offers numerous benefits. Including non-GMO ingredients that are healthy, holistic, and free of chemicals, Digestive Freedom PLUS provides benefits for those that have bouts of constipation, heartburn, bloating, and diarrhea. Helping the body to recover from damage done to the intestines and other digestive organs, this supplement includes healthy, herbal-based remedies. Created by Lane Sebring, a holistic wellness physician, this product is great for anyone, regardless of age or health status.

Ingredients in Digestive Freedom PLUS

Some of the main ingredients in this supplement include ginger, iberis amara, curcumin, and lemon balm. Helping to reduce stomach pain and cramping, bloating, gassiness, and inflammation, this supplement is easy on the body and intended for anyone regardless of health or age. It contains only natural ingredients, and is best taken right before meals. You can use this product before eating anything — and never have to worry about paying the price later on.

Digestive Freedom PLUS — How it Works

The product works simply by letting your digestion work the same way it did when you were years younger, before the system starts slowing down. The product repairs your digestive system, reducing free radicals, inflammation, and bad bacteria that cause gassiness and bloating in the gut. It also helps by healing your intestinal lining, which can get damaged over time from foods that don’t easily break down. If you’ve hoped to be able to acquire a “normal” stomach, this product can help to give you that. If you wish you could sit down and eat your favorite steak, dessert, or spicy foods, this supplement allows you the freedom to enjoy those delicacies once again.

Great for Older and Younger Users

While this product works for users of all ages, it is especially helpful for older users, who might have digestive systems that have started to undergo major changes. Instead of constipation, gassiness, bloating, and cramping, this product gives you the ability to be symptom free. There are no more side effects from eating your favorite foods, no matter how hard they might have been to digest previously.

Regain a Healthy, Functioning Digestive System

Since the interior of the stomach lining and the digestive muscles themselves start to break down with age, this product works to reverse that process. Older users can quickly regain a functioning and healthy digestive system that is the same as that of a much younger person — simply by allowing the herbal ingredients of this product to take effect. Unlike a number of other digestive products, this one works quickly and powerfully, helping to heal the organs through cellular reproduction and processing. Your system is able to fend off bouts of occasional bloating, gassiness, cramping, constipation, and irritation of the bowels, thanks to Digestive Freedom PLUS.

Though the aging process breaks down digestive tissue, this product quickly repairs that damage by balancing, repairing, and strengthening the muscles of your digestive system. This is critical for older users, who no longer have the ability to eat the foods they love.

User Reviews

People who’ve tried this product say it’s a great solution for digestive issues, and often choose it in place other other supplements. One user, a male age 55, said that this product got rid of his bloating and gassy symptoms — which would crop up after eating meat or fish, two of his favorite foods. Another user said that the supplement worked almost immediately after she started taking it, and no longer has to worry about what she eats. There are no “allergic” or “off-limits” foods since Digestive Freedom PLUS gives her the ability to digest her food without side effects. Thanks to its natural, gentle formulation, the product is great for those who want food to pass easily, normally, and without being inhibited through the interior of the intestinal lining.


For those who need a serious and powerful solution to digestive issues, this product provides you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods while never having to worry about side effects or unpleasant symptoms ever again. Coming with a trial period and a 2 easy to take capsule formula, the product gives you a chance to see if it truly works before ordering a full supply. Many other supplements take at least 2 to 3 weeks to kick in, but this one is effective right after you take it — within about 10 minutes.

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