Force Factor LeanFire XT Review: Fat Burning Nootropic?

A brand new fat burning supplement that helps to define your muscles, giving you a lean, ripped look, Force Factor LeanFire XT is one of the most natural solutions for having more energy and losing body fat. This supplement not only allows you to use the body’s own muscle and temperature mechanisms to burn fat, but it also helps in speeding the process of fat oxidation.

This leads to improved results in burning fat, making LeanFire XT more efficient and faster at burning fat than similarly priced fat burning supplements.

How Force Factor LeanFire XT Works

Force Factor Leanfire XT

The supplement uses a simple mechanism for fat burning that is based on the process of thermogenesis, or heating up the body in order to increase metabolism. When your metabolism speeds up, so too does your body’s ability to burn fat. For this reason, every individual who uses LeanFire will find that the product triggers fat cell oxidation, making deposits of fat cells naturally start to disappear.

Fat burning, as a process, is triggered inside the body at the cellular level. For this reason, it is as much of a mental process at it is a physical one. You will need ideal levels of focus, awareness, and clarity in order to truly utilize the benefits of LeanFire XT — but it is different from other supplements in that it uses your body’s own natural makeup, rather than trying to work against you.


LeanFire XT uses L-carnitine, Caffeine anhydrous, L-theanine, and Bioperine, among other natural ingredients. This special blend of natural extracts enables the body’s fat burning capabilities to kick start and get a serious move on. You will find that the supplement also contains DMAE Advantra, which boosts levels of energy.

Other effects from this ingredient blend include better utilization of excess fat cells as energy, as well as increased positive mood and clarity of mind. You will find that there are zero side effects associated with this product, since it is 100% natural, and chemical-free.

Benefits of LeanFire XT

Once you start taking LeanFire XT, you will notice that you start to burn fat cells all day long whether you’re in the middle of a workout or not. If you do take the product just prior to exercise, you’ll find that you see an immediate energy boost from taking it. One of its key abilities is to help your body use fat for energy, thereby burning more stored fat cells int he process.

Another important benefit of LeanFire XT is that it helps you gain greater mental clarity and motivation. Including L-theanine and L-carnitine in the formula was intention by Force Factor; the company knew these two ingredients would help to allow your body to perform at higher levels.

These two thermogenic enhancers help to put you in a focused, relaxed, clear state of mind. With Leanfire XT, you will power through your workouts effortlessly.

One last important benefit is that you’ll see greater levels of endurance and stamina. From any supplement, you need to be able to attain optimal levels of energy that will last all day long. LeanFire XT promises to do just that, giving you the opportunity to keep your body in top shape while burning fat faster than ever before.

You’ll see premium levels of power and stamina, finding yourself able to do harder workouts, run faster and longer, and lift heavier weights than ever before.

Reviews of LeanFire XT

Those who have sampled LeanFire XT find that it is extremely effective as a fat burning supplement that also promises huge gains in terms of losing body weight and increasing overall levels of energy through the whole day.

One user found he quickly shed excess fat around his middle, making him lighter and healthier, while another user said she was able to see a difference in her bust size and waist size in just two weeks, shedding more than 10 pounds.


Force Factor LeanFire XT is one of the most powerful fat burning supplements on the market. Created from all-natural ingredients that are extracted from minerals and herbs found in the wild, the product helps you burn fat all day long, have more energy, and boost your stamina and endurance.

Once you start taking this supplement, you’ll see a huge difference in your whole lifestyle.

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