Relaxphin Review – Does it Help with Stress?

Numerous supplement reviews promise to ease tension, depression, and anxiety. Some of them work, but to what extent depends on the severity of a person’s emotional state. When a condition is clinical (depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder), one should always see a physician and a counselor. If a person is simply trying to deal with the normal stressors life throws out there for everyone in a particular phase of life, then a milder supplement such as Relaxphin could be a better answer.

What is Relaxphin?


This is a natural product made from ingredients which science and cultural evidence suggests could help to ease stress. Ashwagandha Root from India and Africa is used to calm anxious feelings. GABA is also an anti-anxiety remedy along with chamomile. Consumers use 5-htp, a by-product of protein, in order to combat symptoms of depression while DMAE opens lines of nerve communication to provide optimum reception to these supplements. Vitamins and minerals are added to enhance natural health and relieve emotional extremes. Calcium and magnesium are particularly important in this regard. Relaxphin is US-made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility.

What is Relaxphin for?

Makers of this one-a-day pill tout its usefulness for quelling nervousness, worry, and stress. Images on the website show people of all ages from screaming infants to enraged drivers. Each represents a negative form of stress and while the body reacts positively to some forms (like the thrill of skydiving or riding a roller coaster), many forms lead to unhappy hours, days, or longer periods in a person’s life. Relaxphin is not advertised as an anti-anxiety medication or an anti-depressant. The landing page recommends this product as a weapon against ordinary, daily stress including PMS.

Pros and Cons of Relaxphin for Mild Stress

There seem to be more pros than cons here by a long way. The number one reason to choose this product is that there appears to be no concern about becoming addicted to it. Makers describe it as non-habit-forming, which is a major benefit. A lot of products one can take to combat anxiety and depression does, indeed, become habit-forming. The consumer relies upon them to cope with even the smallest amount of difficulty which is not what he wants or needs long-term.

In fact, with a milder form of treatment on board, a person is better able to absorb education about coping mechanisms while taking the edge off of daily hurdles. Medications, meanwhile, are addictive and cause many side effects. When tempted to visit a doctor to talk about medication, trying Relaxphin could be the better option when one is not suffering from suicidal ideation or severe anxiety which is seriously interfering with normal function.

Instructions suggest that a single pill each day, taken in the morning, is all a person needs in order to feel the effects of this natural remedy. There is no indication that men or women should take it differently. That’s a lot better than swallowing numerous pills or combining remedies like powders, pills, and teas all day long just to survive ordinary life.

Being made in the USA in compliance with GMP standards is highly reassuring to customers. They have come to expect that many health supplements will be produced and bottled in India, China, and elsewhere. Regulations are different in those countries and consumers are right to wonder if they are as stringent as those set in the United States.

Relaxphin’s manufacturers have posted links to studies which prove the benefits of their product. These help to legitimize its benefits, so read them if you are having doubts.

Any negatives associated with Relaxphin relate to some of their claims regarding self-esteem, enjoying life, and living in the moment. Although stress can make one feel out of control, it does not directly influence self-esteem or joy. These are affected by one’s attitude, although seeking advice from a counselor could help. Consumers might also want to address anger management issues with the help of a mental health professional. Individuals can learn to live in the moment but taking Relaxphin will not supply this benefit. If life feels out of control, there could be issues with time management, doing too much, or failing to say “no.” Customers who treat Relaxphin as a helpful tool but don’t rely on it to be the answer to their woes will provide the most successful and effective testimonies about its usefulness.

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